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School Books 2017/18 – ePayments

This year we will be collecting Book Rental in two installments of €40.00 each.


The first installment of €40.00 is due by April 7th 2017 and the second installment is due by June 9th 2017.

All money to be paid before the end of the year.

The first installment of €40 is for insurance, copies etc and is compulsory for all students. The second installment is for the rental of text books and is optional for parents who would prefer to buy their own books.

Cash payments can be sent to your child’s class teacher. If you wish to pay by debit/credit card, please go to Bernie in the office. We have an online facility to accommodate parents/guardians who would like to pay online.

To pay online, please click on the following link –


We appreciate your support with this important service.


Culture Week 2017

Our school will begin celebrating Culture Week from Tuesday, 6th June 2017.. The activities are coinciding with the Ruaille Buaille – Lucan Children’s Music Festival. We have many exciting things planned such as trips to IMMA, visits by artists, a talent show and music performances! It promises to be a wonderful week!


Juno and the Paycock

Come and watch the Sean O’Casey performance of Juno and the Paycock in the school on Thursday 2nd February.  Doors open at 7:30 p.m. for an 8:00 p.m. start. All tickets are 5 Euro and there are raffle tickets on sale so buy a ticket – you could be lucky! 


All money raised goes towards the school so we would love to see you there.


Green Schools – Water Day of Action

The Green Team are busy preparing for our Water Day of Action next Tuesday Jan 31st! All classes will do a variety of activities based on the theme of water to raise awareness about water conservation and how valuable water is in our lives and that we must not waste it. Children can come to school dressed in a water themed costume and we hope the day will be lots of fun.

 Remember, if anyone has any water saving tips these can be left in the eco suggestions box outside the hall and check the Green Schools noticeboard regularly for new information. We hope all of our hard work on monitoring water usage and raising awareness in the school over the last few months will pay off in March when we will find out if we have achieved our new flag!

Check out our new code:

Save water every day,

That way we won’t have to pay.

Slow the flow of H2O,

Save water, save the Earth!

Take this message, say it loud

Let’s all make Divine Mercy proud!


Here in Divine Mercy we take raising awareness about environmental issues seriously! The green team are always working hard on different projects. We are currently focusing on the theme of water and are looking at ways to save water as much as possible in school and at home. Water is essential for life and we must not waste it! We are always on the lookout for water saving tips to display on our Green schools noticeboard so if you have any ideas remember to put them in the Eco suggestions box outside the hall.


Book Week

(October 24th – 28th)

In Divine Mercy SNS we use Book Week to celebrate books and reading for pleasure, after all, children who love reading do better at school and are happier, healthier and more resilient.  There are activities going on this week, ending with a lot of fun on Friday.  The Parents Association are having a cake sale and all children (and staff!) can dress up as their favourite character from a book. We are all looking forward to seeing Mr. Walsh’s outfit!



Football Final

The girls in 5th and 6th are having a great season and are in the Cumann na mBunscol final in Croke Park.  It’s a great achievement for all involved and will create memories that will last for a lifetime.  The final will be on Wednesday 9th November and the school will be running buses for supporters for the everyone to get behind the team.

Good luck girls!


Maths Week 

(October 17th – 21st)

“Maths Week Ireland is an all-Ireland celebration of Maths and is a partnership of over 50 groups – universities, institutes of technology, colleges, museums, libraries, visitor centres, professional bodies – any group that sees the importance of maths and the importance of promoting maths.
Maths Week Ireland promotes, awareness, appreciation and understanding of maths through a huge variety of events and activities.”

In Divine Mercy SNS we celebrate Maths Week every year by having a variety of activities going on.





After another relaxing Summer, Divine Mercy SNS re-opened on August 31st with a bang! Hopefully everyone is well rested, refreshed and ready for the new school year.

We have a new intake of 3rd Class pupils and welcome them and all new pupils. We are sure you will enjoy your time here at Divine Mercy. 

Best of luck to everyone during the year.


Active School Flag

We are working really hard this year to achieve our Active School Flag and we think that we are a very fit and active school! There are lots of things that we have been doing this year which we have really enjoyed.

Boot Camp

This was a very tiring activity! It was in the hall so meant that we didn’t have to go outside and involved lots of fun exercises that got our heart rates up!


There are GAA clubs for all the children in the school. We have lunchtime leagues and matches after school against other schools. We are lucky to have lots of teachers who play for clubs and counties who can pass on their experience and a few tips.


We are lucky that Corkagh Park is only a 5 minute drive away and we can do orienteering in the well maintained grounds. It helps keep us fit and also to read maps.

Teacher v Pupils Match

Every year the there is a big match between the staff and the pupils. The children are always confident of beating the grey haired oldies but it doesn’t always work out that way!


The Girls’ Basketball Team are well established in Divine Mercy SNS, thanks to the work of Ms. Lynch and now Ms. Kelleher. They did well this year and got to a final in the National Basketball Arena.



Intercultural Week, Seachtain na Gaeilge and 1916 Celebrations


The last few weeks have been incredibly busy in all classrooms preparing for Intercultural Week and the 1916 celebrations. All classes have been learning about a country from around the world and making a display to show what they have learned outside their classrooms.

Intercultural Week begins on Friday 11th March with the very popular Flag Ceremony when children and teachers get to see a wide variety of flags from around the world and see that children in Divine Mercy SNS come from all corners of the globe. On Friday this is followed by a Ceili for 3rd and 4th Classes and story telling for 5th and 6th Class with Niall de Burca.

On Monday Conspoíd are playing traditional Irish music before the singing, dancing and juggling of the Talent Show while Tuesday lets the children dress up in their National outfits and sample food from around the world in the Food Fair.

Wednesday gives everyone the chance to dress in green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day before the culmination of lots of hard work by Mr. Lynch’s and Ms. Kirby’s classes.  The children in Divine Mercy have been learning about the principles and objectives that underpinned the Proclamation, and what the aspirations of Patrick Pearse and his co-signatories said about the Ireland they knew and the one they wanted to fashion after British rule and these two classes are putting on a pageant to celebrate the 1916 Proclamation during our Proclamation Day Ceremony in the hall. The children in the two classes have written up their own proclamation for 2016, centred around their hopes, values and ideals. As a result of all this work we have fashioned a new proclamation for Ireland 2016 on behalf of all the children in Divine Mercy SNS.

Keep checking the website for photos of the celebrations.



Intel Science Week



Annie the musical – 3rd Class

On October 23rd, after weeks of rehearsals and the songs being played on a constant loop in the prefabs, the 3rd Class children performed Annie to a sell out crowd.  All the children were very nervous (as were the staff!) but it went brilliantly with the cast and audience really enjoying it. Many thanks to the support from the parents who filled the hall and helped with costumes, Roddy, Mary and Miriam who designed and made up the set, helped with costumes and sorted out the sound issues, Mr. Walsh who did the choreography and lastly to Ms. Buckley who did the auditions, got the music and words, directed and did many other things.  Thank you very much.


Room 6 Library Trip and Learnit Lego


Room 6 were lucky enough to go on a trip to Lucan Library to do the Learnit Lego workshop. After getting there we went to a room where there were lots of laptops. We watched a scene made from Lego and we saw how it was made, step by step. There was a table at the front of the room which had lots of Lego pieces and we had to make an alligator from the pieces. When we had finished making the Lego alligator we used a few cords to connect the Lego to the computer and when that was done we were able to control the Lego via the laptop. We also connected a motion sensor to the alligator and this would make the mouth snap whenever the sensor detected movement.

Afterwards,in the library, we picked a few books from the shelves and we could sit at a table or on a comfy chair to read them. There were lots of books to choose from. We read ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog days’ and a Robotics book.

We had a great time.

Rachel and Andrew, Room 6



Girls Gaelic Football

Girls from 5th and 6th class began training for gaelic football twice a week in September with Ms. Billings and Ms. Ryan. They played against Lucan Educate Together, St. Brigid’s of Palmerstown and Scoil Aenghusa of Tallaght and were successful in qualifying from their group. The girls reached the county semi-final but unfortunately were defeated. Huge improvements could be seen in the girls’ skills levels and they showed great determination and teamwork in each match. A lot of 5th class girls were involved this year which is promising for the team for next September.




Divine Mercy SNS re-opened on Thursday August 31st at 9:00am after a summer break, Hopefully everyone is well rested, refreshed and ready for the new school year.

A warm welcome to 3rd Class pupils and any new pupils. We are sure you will enjoy your time here at Divine Mercy. 

We would like to wish all students and staff a very successful school year.

School Calendar 2015- 2016


Hurling Blitz


Last week. the boys’ Junior Hurling team had a blitz in Lucan Sarsfields GAA Club. We were both very nervous because it was the first blitz we had played in.

In the first match we lost by 12 points but after that we got better! We won the second match after a point by Conor and a goal from Femi. After the second match we played the same team again in a friendly match but we lost that one.  In the third match we lost by 3 points and it was very close. In our last match we played against a team that was really good and we lost by 26 points. We all got medals and we were happy knowing that we had tried our best.


Colin Duffy and Daniel Gorelov



Gymnastic Stars!

Three of the students were recently in a Gymnastic competition in Limerick. They all did very well and we hope that we can see a demonstration of their skills during Active School Week. Here is how they got on in their own words:


Over the weekend I had a competition in Limerick. It went very well. I got 3 medals: 2 gold and a bronze.  I competed in 7 events and here is how I got on.

Floor – I got the highest mark on the floor of 12.500. I did my routine and landed everything almost perfectly. After my routine I bowed and walked off. Then I looked at the scoreboard and up my name went. I couldn’t believe it – I was so happy.

Vault – On the vault I did a tsukahara. This is one of the hardest vaults I’ve ever done. I landed and saluted and walked off. I was shaking while waiting for my score and when I saw it a smile grew on my face. 11.75 – I was so amazed and happy.

Bars – At this point I was on a streak so I did my routine and finished. I saluted and then the judges called me over to their desk. I thought I would get a compliment but they said my handstand was horizontal and my execution wasn’t great and I scored 9.500. I wasn’t happy as all my scores were meant to be at least 10.000.

Parallel bars – I didn’t do well on the parallel bars. I did my routine, saluted and walked off. I scored 10.75 and I was upset.

Pommel Horse – I was not looking forward to this piece as it’s my worst. I did my routine and saluted. I got 11.5. I was amazed and this cheered me up.

Rings – I was so happy with rings. I thought I did very well and even the judges said well done. I got 11.100 and I was pretty happy with that.

Overall – Overall I got third place and that gave me my bronze. I got golds in the floor and vault which made me happy.

By Oisín O’Connell


On Saturday I went to a gymnastics competition. It was very hard. I had to do 4 pieces and they were floor, vault, bars and beam. On the floor we had to do a hard routine but it was fun. At the end of the competition the team scored 129.9 and the team came second.

By Kya Reid


On Sunday I went to a gymnastics competition. It was quite hard. I had to do seven pieces and they were floor, vault, mushroom, rings, parallel bars, high bar and physical preparation programme. On the rings we had to do a hard routine that involved a lot of strength. I got first place.

By Kyal Reid



Active School Week – June 8th – 12th

Our annual ‘Active School Week’ will take place from 8th-12th June. The children and staff are very excited and are looking forward to the myriad of activities that have been planned to help increase awareness about the amount of physical exercise taken by our children each day.

With Active School Week only weeks away, it is time that the school starts to get fitter and stronger to prepare for all of the activities organised throughout the week. With this in mind, the school has organised a ‘Run around Europe.’ The children will begin their journey in Dublin and ‘run’ their way around Europe. Our first destination is London, which is 534km away. It’s going to involve all the children in the school to get out and running around the 200m track set up outside in the school yard. Each Friday, the Active school committee will update the leader board on the Active school notice board about which class has ran the furthest distance. Awards will be given out throughout the run such as active homework in instead of written homework.

Here are some of the points to note about Active School Week:

  • The children may wear their school tracksuits each day of Active School Week. For our ‘Fun Friday’, the children may wear any ‘sports gear’ that they wish on the day.
  • The children will be assigned a physical activity as part of their homework each night. The duration of these activities is at your discretion with a guideline of approximately 20 minutes. Please complete the activity log with your child each night. This will be given out the first Monday of ASW.


Rainy Day breaks:

We have had a lot of rainy days this year and we have had to stay indoors for lunch, as a result we haven’t been able to go out on yard as much. The children in Divine Mercy have begun to use a great website called Go Noodle. Now their teachers can get the children active without even having to leave the classroom!


School Football Team

The boys started out the season with a game in the Dublin Cup against Rush National School. Unfortunately they were beaten 5-2 but goals came from Aidomo and Conor Magee.

After their loss to Rush, the team set out to play their first league game against St.Peter’s. The boys in blue put in a fine display and beat them 5-3. Lee Lacey opened the scoring from a corner which was carried in by the wind. They scored their second with a fine ball over the top from Aidomo and a cool finish from Efe. They went on to win the game and scorers were Efe and Aidomo with 2 goals and goal by Lee.

Next, 8 boys were selected for the Dublin 5 aside competition in Ringsend. The team did really well and won their group. Unfortunately, luck was not on their side and they lost on penalties. It was a good day though and a good experience for them.

Back in league action, the boys in blue beat Clonburris N.S. in a great game of football. The final score was a 5-2 victory.

Continuing their good form they beat Talbot S.N.S. 6-1. Aidomo opened the scoring with a lob over the Talbot keeper to set the team on their way. Aidomo went to to score four times with another good goal by Lee Lacey before Efe sealed the win with a good strike.

The boys knew that their match against St.Joseph’s was a very important fixture. A few injuries and illnesses meant that a few players were missing but there were keen players stepping in for them. After having most of the possession in the first half they caught Joey’s on the break with a cool finish by Aidomo. Joey’s came out after the halftime break with something to prove and scored three quick goals. Aidomo got one back with a great strike from 30 yards out but it wasn’t to be and the final score was 3-2 to St. Joseph’s. 

By Aidomo and Conor, Room 4


Balgaddy Art Fair 2015

This year’s annual “Balgaddy Art Fair” was held on the weekend of Friday April 24th to Sunday 26th. There were 30 artists displaying work in total, with a variety of styles. One artist, Charlie Bradley did portraits over the weekend and kindly donated all the money to the school.

This year we had a special exhibition called “Petit Picasso” organised by Miriam and Ms. Connolly to showcase the artistic talent of the children in our school. It will be re-located and turned into a permanent display in our school.

The school orchestra practiced diligently and performed beautifully on the Saturday. DMB Decoupage from Room 10, who are participating in the Bí Gnóthach enterprise project sold their decoupaged items over the weekend also.

All the money raised from the art exhibition goes into our school fund for purchasing iPads. We are looking forward to next year’s exhibition…

By Darragh Condron and Daniel Hendricken, Room 10.



A very successful year for Mia!

Mia in 6th Class has a great year. Here she tells us about some of her achievements:

I have been very successful this year. I’m very happy what I have achieved this year. I have won the following.

Leinster Open All Ireland, Ulster Open All Ireland, Connacht Open All Ireland and Munster Open All Ireland.

I played for Ireland three times this year in Wales, England and Hungary. My next tournament is in Scotland. I have also won all the U15s and U13s Leinster tournaments this year. I got the same amount of points in two Leinster tournaments because I was playing for Ireland in Hungary and England. On my team in Wales was Kate Whelan. We got silver in the team event and I got bronze in the singles event. On my team in England was Natasya Barry, Saoirse Jordan and Tiegan o’ Connor. We got gold in the team event and I got bronze in the singles event. On my team in Hungary was Natasya Barry. We weren’t able to finish in the top three but we played well. I got to the last 32 in the singles event but I played well.






Balgaddy Art Fair


We are delighted to announce that this year’s Art Fair (formerly known as Art Attacks Balgaddy Exhibition) will take place in Divine Mercy S.N.S. on the weekend of Friday April 24th. Please save the date in your diary and spread the word to all your friends and family. If you are interested in participating please contact us at balgaddyartfair@gmail.com or call on 087-9213520 and 086-0573820.  We will be in touch with more details.


Good luck to our Table Tennis Star!


One of our 6th class students, Mia O’ Rahilly Egan has been chosen to represent Ireland in the Hungarian Open Table Tennis Tournament this weekend.  Mia and 3 other students from Ireland will compete for the U13 title in the 3 day tournament on the 9th, 10th and 11th of January 2015 against teams from all over Europe. We here in Divine Mercy SNS are very proud of Mia and her success and wish her and her 3 team mates Natashya Barry (Roscommon), Owen Cathcart  (Belfast) and Thomas Joyce (Mayo) the very best in Hungary.

Good luck Mia!



Happy New Year


happy new year 2015

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Welcome back after what we hope was a relaxing Christmas Holiday and best wishes for a successful term ahead.


Dublin Homeless Shoe Box Appeal Update


The response to the collection for the homeless community of Dublin was very kind and generous from all classes in the school. The children from Room 14 were able to make 31 presents with useful items inside and still had enough left over to fill 3 big containers. Thank you to everyone who donated, and thank you to Ms Halpin for being in charge of the collection.


Santa Dash!


Our first ever Santa Dash is taking place on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th December for all classes. The children will be running, jogging or walking a mile around the school. The children are invited to dress up in Santa hats or wear Christmas jumpers. The children are also asked to bring in €1 to participate in the event, with all proceeds going to the Parents Association.



The Santa Dash has started and proved to be great fun!




Dublin Homeless Shoe Box Appeal


Inner City Helping Homelessness are collecting Christmas shoe-boxes for Dublin’s homeless community. Ms. Halpin and the children from Room 14 are collecting items that will help homeless men and women over Christmas and in the future.

While many of us are busy frantically buying Christmas presents and buying all the trimmings for our festive dinner, it’s important to remember that this is a time to give to those who might not be looking forward to the same kind of Christmas.

Inner City Helping Homeless – a Dublin volunteer organisation – is appealing for Irish people to put together Christmas shoe-boxes for the homeless in Dublin city centre.

The items included won’t break the bank and will certainly put a smile on the Dublin homeless community’s face this Christmas.

It’s time to do your bit. So here’s exactly what you need to do.

What do I put in the shoebox?

You can include anything you see fit, but pack your shoeboxes with items like:

  • Socks
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • Shampoo
  • Shower Gel
  • Cereal bars
  • Baby wipes
  • Roll on deodorants


Any items will be gladly received.

Thank you,

Room 14


5th and 6th Class Football Final


On the 3rd of December, the final of the school football tournament took place on the SDFL astro turf pitch. The two teams in the final were Barcelona and Juventus. Barcelona won the toss and kicked off. It was a tight opening 5 minutes until Conor struck the ball in off the post and gave Barcelona a 1-0 lead. This was quickly doubled to 2-0 by a goal from Efe before Jackson made it 3-0 with a beautiful strike.  Juventus got a goal back before half time to make it 3-1, thanks to a great strike by Omo.  This gave them the momentum to start the second half brightly but Efe added 2 more in the second half and the match finished 5-1 to Barcelona. Both teams played very well and Efe won player of the match, pushed closely by Conor and Nathan who played very well in goal.

The tournament was a great success and many thanks to Mr. Lynch and Mr. Walters to organising it. We are really looking forward to the start of the football season!


Conor Fagan – Room 9




  Science Week 2014

During Science Week 2014 all the sixth classes prepared projects for the Intel Mini Scientist competition. Each room came up with a unique idea for a project and here is what we all picked:

Room 9- Cabbage Chemistry

Room 10- Investigating Flight

Room 11- Borax Balls

Room 12- Memory Matters!

Room 13- Eggheads Experiments

Room 14- Salty Seeds (The winners!)

We all worked very hard on our projects and we were excited when the judge from Intel came over on the 14th of November. We were all nervous to present our projects but all went well and all our hard work had paid off. After the judge had viewed all the projects we were called down to the hall where we were given our prizes. We all got little goodie bags for participating. Ms. Kenney’s class won second place so they got another little goodie bag. Ms. Halpin’s class won the competition so they also got another bag and they got through to the main part of the Intel Mini Scientist competition where they will compete with other school from around Ireland! Ms. Haplin’s class decided to do a project to see if it was possible for people who don’t have access to fresh water, can use various amounts of salt water to grow crops. Rachel, Jennifer, Judith, Kelly and Emmanuel represented the class and did a great job making their presentation to the judges.





Brain Teaser – One-Letter Words


Each of these clues can be answered with a single letter. Can you “C” the way to get all 14 answers? A different letter must be used for each answer.

1.  a vegetable                                                           8. building addition

2.  a drink                                                                  9. a bird

3. a body of water                                                    10. a woman’s name

4. a command to a horse                                       11. a verb used with “we”

5. a sensory organ                                                   12. an actor’s signal

6. be in debt                                                               13. an insect

7. a river in Scotland                                               14. a puzzle solver


Table Tennis Star

In school we are lucky enough to have a junior table tennis superstar! Mia in Ms. Kenney’s class has had huge success over the past few years, both in Ireland and internationally. Here are a few comments from Mia and some her many achievements:

“I train three days a week and I have been playing table tennis for three years. My coach is Tommy Fitzgerald and Vladislavs Agurjanovs. He was living in Germany for six years and now he is living in Ireland which is brilliant for me because I can train with him. I am very proud of my achievements.”




Winner, Under 10 Ulster Open, October 2012.

Winner, Under 10 Munster Open, January 2013.

Runner Up, Under 10 Connacht Open, March 2013.

Winner, Under 10 Irish National Championship, April 2013.

Represented Ireland in British and Irish Primary Schools Competition, April 2013.


Winner, Under 13 Cavan Open, March 2014.

Winner, Under 15 Cavan Open, March 2014.

Winner, Girls team event British and Irish Primary Schools Competition, April 2014.

Winner, Girls individual event British and Irish Primary Schools Competition, April 2014.


Winner, Under 13 Irish Junior Classification, September 2014.

Winner, Under 13 Leinster Classification, September 2014.

Winner, Under 15 Leinster Classification, September 2014.

Runner up, Leinster Senior Grand Prix Under 21, October 2014.


Keep up the good work Mia!


The Little Mermaid


The 3rd Class children have been rehearsing very hard for the last few weeks getting ready for their Halloween production of “The Little Mermaid.” It is on in the school hall on Friday at 11:45.



Cake Sale


The Parents Association were in selling cakes to all classes at the Cake Sale on Wednesday. It was a great success with lots of different types of cakes on sale for the children to buy. Many thanks to the Parents Association for their ongoing help and support, and to all children and parents that made and brought in cakes.



There are only 2 days left to buy tickets for the Halloween Raffle. The prize is a hamper with a lot of goodies inside so make sure you buy your tickets off these 2 ticket sellers!

Here is some of the art work from around the classrooms:




This week saw the start of the 5th and 6th Class football tournament that will be running after school on Mondays until Christmas. Participation in the tournament depends on all the boys following the school rules inside and outside of the classroom and doing their homework every night.

So far Real Madrid, Juventus, PSG, Bayern Munich, Monaco and Chelsea are into the quarter finals. On Monday 3rd November, Arsenal will take on CSKA Moscow and Barcelona will take on Borussia Dortmund.




Leinster v Cardiff Blues – September 26th 2014

On Friday night, 12 children from 6th Class went to the RDS to watch Leinster play Cardiff Blues in the Guiness Pro 12. It was an exciting game that Leinster won 37-23. All the children behaved themselves and had great fun as you can see from the photos below!


Goal Jersey Day 2014

GOAL Jersey Day is an annual fun event that involves people from across Ireland wearing their favourite sports jersey for the day, and making a contribution to GOAL’s work in the developing world.

The children and staff made a great effort to wear a jersey to school today. There were soccer jerseys, GAA jerseys and rugby jerseys from a variety of teams, counties and countries. Well done everyone!



Divine Mercy SNS Orchestra visit the National Concert Hall

Thursday 18th September marked what we hope will be the first of many trips to the NCH by our school orchestra. Our performers include Jesse, Carlos, Marva, Aimee, Amy D, Jakub, Jennifer, Jackson, Baisil, Rebecca, Testimony, Mariam and Kieran. Divine Mercy Orchestra, along with two other Dublin schools, came together on the day to perform 4 beautiful pieces of music conducted by Dorothy Conaghan. Big congratulations to all the children, who performed brilliantly with only days to rehearse beforehand. They showed dedication, hard work and good behaviour.




Using iPads to help us learn



In 6th Class we use iPads and laptops in a variety of lessons. On the photos we were using the iPads for Geography and looking at Europe. It helped us match up flags with countries and find cities on the maps. We also used the iPads in History to find information about the Celts. I really enjoy using the iPads and find that they are very educational and enjoyable.

Jodene, Room 9




Art from around the school


There has been some wonderful artwork produced around Divine Mercy SNS already this year. Take a look!



We talked about ideas and thoughts that are in our heads. We used magazines to decorate the silhouettes of our heads with our favourite things and other things that we like. It was really fun but hard work!

Kelly, Room 14



Work from Room 13




Room 9 and Room 10 visit Castletown House

On Wednesday the 10th of September, 6th Class pupils from Room 9 and 10 went on a trip to Castletown House.
Castletown House is located in Celbridge, County Kildare. It is a Palladian country house built in 1722 for William Conolly, the speaker of the Irish House of Commons. It formed the centrepiece of a 550 acre estate sold to developers in 1965. The estate is now divided between state and private ownership.
After arriving on the bus, students went on a maths trail around the grounds. When they had finished this trail they had a well earned lunch. Following lunch, students went on a tour of the house where they were taught how to bow and curtsey and got to dress up in the clothes of the day. Students went away from this experience having learnt about the house and how to ballroom dance.

Darragh Condron
Room 10



New 3rd Class children


We are delighted that the new 3rd Class children have settled so well into life here in Divine Mercy SNS! Here they are working hard in their new classrooms in the pre-fabs.






Divine Mercy SNS re-opened on Thursday August 28th at 9:00am. We hope you all enjoyed the wonderful summer break and return rested, refreshed and ready for the new school year. We look forward to welcoming the boys and girls of our new 3rd Classes. 

We would like to wish all students and staff a very successful school year.



School calendar 2014/15 can be accessed by clicking here!


2013-2014 NEWS


The latest Bush Telegraph newsletter from 18th June 2014 can be downloaded here!


The 3rd class children attended a ‘Cinemagic’ workshop last week – click here to view some photos!


For the latest news from our Parents’ Association, click here!


Before the Easter break, Ms. Kirwan and her 3rd class pupils went on a very special trip! They went to the Ark in Dublin city centre to take part in a poetry writing workshop. They had a tour of the theatre which was filled with teddy bears donated by famous people and not so famous people from all over the world and then participated in a creative writing workshop for an hour. Have a look at some of the photographs they took on the day!



Click here to view the school’s Anti-Bullying policy. Other policies can be found by clicking on the link on the left-hand side.


The latest Bush Telegraph newsletter was distributed on Friday, 11th April. You can download and read it from here!


On Tuesday, 8th April 2014, Room 9 visited Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum. It was a great trip as the class had recently covered the 1916 rising in History class. Enjoy some of the photos from our trip.


We had a fantastic ‘Intercultural Week’ and ‘Seachtain na Gaeilge’ last week- have a look through some of our photographs!

Classroom Displays!

The Food Fair in the P.E. Hall on Thursday!

The Talent Show on Friday afternoon!

Flag Ceremony 2014!


  • Click here to view the Graduation video from June 2013! The video was played in the hall as part of the graduation ceremony. Thanks to Ms. Halpin and her daughter for filming and choreographing the video! The 2013-14 pupils can start thinking up of ideas now for this year’s video…..


  • The latest Bush Telegraph is here for everyone to read or download – just click here! ***

  • Please take time to read through our DRAFT policy on Anti-Cyber-Bulling. Any comments or suggestions can be submitted via e-mail to dmbalgaddysns.gmail.com. Click here to access the draft policy.


  • Some classes are working on MyMaths.co.uk. Teachers can assign homework through the site and children can revise topics by accessing the content. To initially log in, use the login name of divine and the password is chain. To complete homework, children will get a personal log in name and password from their teacher. Click here to log on to the site!




Well done to our past pupil Tina Ehiguese who won a competition with her secondary school. Tina and two classmates made an active school video. Have a look at what they came up with – http://www.pumped.ie/


The Board of Management has ratified an updated policy for child protection. Please click here to view the policy.




Relive Intercultural Week from all the way back to 2011…..here is a news report broadcast on RTÉ television that recorded the day we welcomed teachers from different European countries to our school! 

Intercultural Week 2011

School Books 2013-2014


The school books, copies and materials have been distributed to all pupils for the new school year. This is part of our school book rental scheme. The fee for this scheme is €80 per pupil. Money can be given to your child’s class teacher in one payment or in staggered amounts throughout the first term. The book lists can be viewed for each class group by clicking on the link.

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